There's a stirring in my heart that will not be still.
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I’m back^-^

sorry I haven’t been on in so long… a lot’s been going on.



Kaleidoscopex’s My Chemical Romance Merch Giveaway.

To celebrate 400 followers, I’m doing a giveaway just like I promised!


  • Yellow Killjoy Bandanna
  • MCR Wristband  
  • Official MCR 2013 Calender
  • MCR Desert Spider T-Shirt (Medium)
  • MCR BLI T-Shirt (Small)
  • MCR Demolition Lovers Zip Hoodie (Medium)
  • MCR Draculoid T-Shirt
  • MCR School Sucks, Start a Band Varsity Jacket (Small) 


  • Reblogs and Likes both count
  • Reblog as many times as you want but don’t spam your followers
  • You must be following me (I’m giving you my stuff after all) + I will check
  • All likes and reblogs must be before 4th of July, when I shall pick a winner
  • Giveaway Blogs count!
  • I shall ship abroad too!

I love you all and good luck!

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